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Today: 10/24/16
All Day: Red Ribbon Week " Kick Out Drugs & Tobacco"
12:00 AM Red Ribbon Week
12:00 AM Parent Teacher Conference Week
4:00 PM Boys Volleyball @ Corona Del Mar

Tdap Requirements

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, continues to threaten students in California. To help stop its spread, all incoming 7 th graders are required by law to have proof of a ...more

Welcome to Sowers Middle School

     The vision of Sowers Middle School is that our professional learning community will work together so that, “Sowers students will experience an academically challenging and supportive learning environment that promotes the realization of their full potential.” It is truly my pleasure to work with such an obviously dedicated staff, supportive cadre of parents, and all-around great group of students. Please feel free to join the Viking Voyage and get involved in our continuous quest for ongoing student success!

                                                                          Cynthia Guerrero, Ed.D.



This week is parent teacher conference week.  This is an opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers to discuss goals and plan for the upcoming year. Some tips to help make such a brief time together more meaningful are outlined below:



I.     How is my child doing academically in this class?

         Key Questions:

  Is my child achieving proficiency in what he/she should know and be able to do?  How do you know?           

   Does my child respond well to feedback on his/her work?

   Does my child give up on hard problems?


II.    How is my child doing socially and behaviorally in this class?

         Key Questions:

   Is my child making a strong effort in class?

   How well does this teacher’s approach to classroom management work for my child?

   When my child is feeling pressured, how easily can he/she stay in control?

   How comfortable is my child in asking for help from his/her peers?


III.    What next steps can I take to support my child’s success in this class?

         Key Questions:

   What are the best ways for me to learn and keep up with the content of what my child is learning?   

   How can I increase conversations with my child about what he/she is learning in school?

   How can I help my child understand the content he/she is learning in school?



Monday, October 24-  Regular Day dismissal at 2:43pm

Tuesday, October 25- Planning Day dismissal at 1:17pm

Wednesday, October 26- Student Free Day

Thursday, October 27- Planning Day dismissal at 1:17pm

Friday, October 28- Regular Day dismissal at 2:43pm

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